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heyy , im icha . im not a perfect girl. my hair doesn't always stay in place and i spill things a lot. i'm pretty clumsy and sometimes i have a broken heart. my friends and i sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right, but when i think about it and take a step back . i remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe, just maybe, i like being unperfect .19 on this december 6th . current place ; taiping . still studying .unisel in dip industrial technology .

this is MYspace , not YOURS ! so what shits im doing here , is none of your business !

i've learned that goodbye will always hurt. pictures will never be replace having been there. memories good or bad, will bring tears and words can never replace those feelings .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

♥ in the HEART , in the HEAD ♥

Sometimes all i really want to do is sit beside you. I want to watch cheesy and crappy movies with you, and we will laugh at them together. I want to plan things with you, thing we ll never do, but for some reason just planning them with you is fine with me. I want to talk to you about everything and anything. I want to goof around with you and make jokes aren't funny but we'll laugh nonetheless.

I just want to fall in love with you over and over and maybe at one point we'll get tired of each other, but until then, I want you, and just you AZMANFARHAN ♥ ♥ ♥


“ I love you more and more everyday. Today more than yesterday. Tomorrow more than today. And it will always be this way."

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